General Surgeon Salaries

According to American Board of Surgery, “General surgery is a discipline that requires knowledge of and familiarity with a broad spectrum of diseases that may require surgical treatment“.

General Surgeons, like any other physicians, complete undergraduate education with four years of medical school leading to the award of MD/DO degree.Thereafter they specialize in surgery by successfully completing a five-year surgery residency program.  Following completion of a residency program, surgery residents can sit for the American Board of Surgery (ABS) exam.

Fellowship programs available to Surgeons are:

  1.  Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary      $407,539
  2.  Critical Care Surgery
  3.  Pediatric Surgery                           $367,378
  4.  Plastic Surgery                               $326,269
  5.  Transplantation Surgery
  6. Vascular Surgery                            $329,557
  7. Surgery of the Hand
  8. Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Transplantation Surgery

Although fellows are trained in multiple organ transplant, they go on to specialize in mainly one of these organ transplatation:

1. Kidney               $348,000
2. Liver                  $433,333
3. Pancreas 
4. Heart                 $489,172
5. Lung 

Stipends for surgical residents, like any other post MD/DO training are determined by the Office of Graduate Medical Education and are as follows for the 2011-2012 academic year:

PGY-1, $48,754
PGY-2, $50,519
PGY-3, $53,122
PGY-4, $56,143
PGY 5, $59,046
PGY 6, $61,514

After training the salary is good. The mean annual salary of board certified general surgeons is $231,550 and the mean hourly pay is $111.32.The salary, like all procedural specialty, at entry-level is less but with more than 3 years of experience it could reach or even surpass the mean.

Surgeon salary in Different Practice Settings, 2011

Offices of Physicians                                                                         $241,060
Outpatient Care Centers                                                                    $220,790
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals                                              $204,970
Scientific Research and Development Services                                   $246570
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools                                 $155,740

Surgeon Salary by States, 2011

General Surgeon Salary
US Income Tax 2013

The higher the salary the greater the tax. Here is a sample tax rate for married couples filing jointly.

US Income Tax Physician Salary


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