Neurosurgeon Salary

According to American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), “Neurosurgery is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the entire nervous system including the spinal column, spinal cord, brain and peripheral nerves.”

Neurosurgeons, like any other physicians, complete undergraduate education with four years of medical school leading to the award of MD/DO degree. Since July 1, 2009 neurosurgical training is a minimum of 72 months(6 years) which includes PGY-1and is controlled by  neurosurgical Program Director.For eligibility to sit for Board exam,  the program  must be recognized by the American Board of Neurological Surgery( ABNS) and accredited by the  Residency Review Committee( RRC) for Neurological Surgery..  Following completion of the residency program, neurosurgery residents can sit for the American Board of Neurological Surgery( ABNS) exam.

Stipends for neurosurgery residents,  like any other post MD/DO training, are determined by the Office of Graduate Medical Education and are as follows for the 2011-2012 academic year:

PGY-1, $48,754
PGY-2, $50,519
PGY-3, $53,122
PGY-4, $56,143
PGY 5, $59,046
PGY 6, $61,514

Some of the Committee on Accreditation of Subspecialty Training (CAST) approved fellowship options available are as follows:

  1. Advanced Training in NeuroCritical Care: Neurological Surgery
  2. Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery
  3. Endovascular Neurosurgery
  4. Neurologic Surgery of the Spine
  5. Neurosurgical Oncology 
  6. Pediatric Neurologic SurgeryPeripheral Nerve
  7. Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

NON-ACGME Fellowship are:

  1. Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery (NON-ACGME)
  2. Epilepsy Surgery (NON-ACGME)
  3. Neurosurgical-Oncology-Neurosurgery Fellowship (NON-ACGME)
  4.  Pediatric and Congenital Neurosurgery (NON-ACGME)
  5.  Radiosurgery (NON-ACGME)
  6.  Skull Base Surgery (NON-ACGME)

The  annual salary of board certified neurosurgeon ranges from $300,351 to $736,394. The median annual  salary for a  Neurosurgeon  in the United States  is $490,040. The salary, like all procedural specialty, at entry-level is less but with more than 3 years of experience it could reach or even surpass the median.

Neurosurgeon Salary at an Academic Medical Center

    Chair $1,133,889
Professor $595,809
Professor $590,154
Professor $579,386
Professor $558,907
Associate Professor $495,040
Associate Professor $487,760
Associate Professor $484,798
Assistant Professor $440,640
Assistant Professor $413,920
Assistant Professor $413,920
TABLE 1 – Section 1(a) – Married Individuals Filing Joint Returns and Surviving  Spouses

If Taxable Income Is:                                  The Tax Is:

Not over $17,850                                         10% of the taxable income

Over $17,850 but                                          $1,785 plus 15% of

not over $72,500                                            the excess over $17,850

Over $72,500 but                                          $9,982.50 plus 25% of

not over $146,400                                           the excess over $72,500

Over $146,400 but                                        $28,457.50 plus 28% of

not over $223,050                                            the excess over $146,400

Over $223,050 but                                        $49,919.50 plus 33% of

not over $398,350                                           the excess over $223,050

Over $398,350 but                                        $107,768.50 plus 35% of

not over $450,000                                            the excess over $398,350

Over $450,000                                              $125,846 plus 39.6% of

                                                                        the excess over $450,000


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